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This pendant features a unique, handpicked (by me!) piece of seaglass from the North Kent coast – no two pieces are the same so your pendant will be uniquely yours in shape, colour, and size. The smooth glass is wrapped in silver wire that reflects the swirling movement of the ocean.

A beautiful, stylish pendant perfect for beach lovers everywhere – especially as it’s all made from 100% recycled and recyclable, plastic-free materials! This design was inspired by Snowy mountains!

Available with a Recycled Sterling Silver Fine Curb Chain, 45cm Necklet (18 inches).

Seaglass is one of the rare beautiful products from man and nature working together. Broken man-made glass (from bottles, nautical lights, jars, etc.) that ends up in the ocean is rolled around by waves and the tide, bashing against rocks, shellfish, and everything else, eroding it into the smooth coloured stone you see in the pendant. The glass you see has been a long way before reaching our beaches – the pieces in our necklaces can be from 10 to over 100 years old!

Sadly glass isn’t the only thing that washes up on our beaches. Plastic is a big problem everywhere, especially seaside towns like ours and throughout the ocean. It affects the whole ecosystem and it’s important to act upon it. This is why I do regular beach cleans while carefully handpicking pieces of seaglass for these creations; our efforts go towards keeping our oceans clean, so that it can be enjoyed and lived in happily by the wildlife and ourselves.

It’s a promise that all SwannAround products and packaging are completely plastic-free and only use recycled and recyclable materials. Handmade, beautiful, and guilt-free! All inspired by nature and adventure!

~ 024 ~ Eco Silver Seaglass Necklace

Only 1 left in stock
    • Handmade by: Hannah
    • Pendant height approx.: 24mm
    • Pendant width approx.: 14mm
    • Chain length: 450mm
    • Materials: Natural Kentish Seaglass, Eco Silver (made completely from recycled scrap silver in a totally traceable and fully audited process so you can rest assured that you are purchasing 100% recycled metal and a more environmentally friendly option). 
    • All packaging is handmade from recycled and recyclable materials, 100% plastic free.
  • Please be aware that SwannAround cannot be held responsible for parcels lost in transit. We recommend paying for Royal Mail Special Delivery Garaunteed, as this comes with insurance.

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