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The Shop's Moving!

There’s a big change coming to SwannAround, and not just the look!

The SwannAround shop is moving! I started this venture on my SwannAround Etsy page, however due to rising costs and wanting to keep things affordable for you, the time has arrived for moving my shop over onto the SwannAround website where everything will be in one place!

A big aim of mine when I started this business was to be able to support important causes, such as marine conservation and health organisations. This shop upgrade I'm hoping will allow me to start donating a portion of my profits to amazing charities and organisations that work on projects that are important for our relationship with the environment and are close to our hearts.

This is very exciting for me and hope that you’ll support this by spreading the word of my little business so I can keep doing what I love and making things you love! Chat with friends, share my Instagram Posts, send the link, forward my e-mails... however you like!

I will be sending updates with more details on this through my Newsletter on the lead up to the big launch, so make sure you’re subscribed for all the surprises, product sneak peeks and treats!

Thanks for your support!



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This is a notice that I will be disabling my online shop during the time I am selling at Westgate Hall Market, but it will be back online in the evening of the 15th. Please come say hi if you can! Wes


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