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The Kangaroo Island Buzz

Updated: May 7, 2021

You come across some rare signs all over Australia to protect you and their crazy wildlife. One was no HONEY or POTATOES on Kangaroo Island (KI). Now I'm not sure about the potatoes but KI's bees are endemic, only found on this island. These incredible bees are THE purest strain of ligurian bees in the world and the honey sold here is completely raw and unfiltered, and it is delicious. The Island Beehive near Kingscote is the place to go to see the bees in action and learn more about them and the honeys they produce. Of course my favourite part was going around the tasting station! I had no idea the scale of variety of taste there is when it comes to honey! The flavour and colouring all depends on the season and what plants the bees collect their pollen from. After eating all of them I couldn't resist getting a jar of my favourite, "Spring time", to keep for when I returned home (whenever that was going to be - did you know honey basically keeps forever?!). I remember being slightly confused when I first went in as I was expecting more beehives and less shop (which had some nice but random items). But at the back of the room it had all about the honey and bees and you can see the inside of a hive and the bees at work! Although I didn't ask about tours, the ladies working here were very kind and answered all my questions. If you're thinking of taking a trip it might be worth going online and booking a tour though if it allows you to see more of the farm possibly?! Now, I am a complete foodie and their little cafe was honey heaven. It's a very simple but comfortable conservatory where you could chill, read a mag and most importantly have honey drinks and treats. I had the honey hot chocolate which came with whipped cream and pollen pieces sprinkled on top - it was incredible! I also had a honey scone with extra honey on the side and a honey chocolate truffle; you know they're good when I'm trying to savour them as much as possible! The Beehive is a great pitstop, interesting and really really tasty! I really wish my honey jar was endless... but you can order online if you're missing the taste of KI!



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