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So you've got a request?

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

You've got a birthday coming up or a special occasion you'd like to celebrate and show someone you care? Or you want something that really shouts THIS IS ME to the world? When I share my beach seaglass finds on SwannAround's Instagram stories feel free to reply to them and choose your own piece to be made into your own unique necklace or gift! I've had wonderful customers doing this and it really makes it extra special for them!

I don't turn every piece I find into a product so do speak up if there's one you like and I'll get making!* (I have a collection of seaglass that I'm happy to sieve through to find a specific shape or colour)

Here's my most recent commission this month from someone who'd been waiting for a beautiful teal coloured seaglass to pop up for themselves!

*There is no extra charge for commissions, and I love hearing from you with your ideas and opinions because I create these beautiful things with conscience for YOU - so your thoughts are very important to me and help develop this little business of mine into something more people can enjoy!


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