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Overlooked treasures: Island of Kangaroos

Updated: May 7, 2021

When you look for an island to go to off the coast of Australia, people normally go straight to Tasmania or take a trip to Bali... but they're missing something. Kangaroo Island is at the top of the list of my favourite places in the world so far and the best way to experience it to the max is van life or better still cycle/camp life which would be a lot less stress on the wildlife if this goes viral and everyone goes there; please respect our world. Sure I looked through some great brochures with beautiful looking cabins and lodgings but you can't beat climbing out of your own tent/van, cooking a hearty campers breaky with kangaroos for company and running straight into the ocean or forest. The campsites here are in *awesome* locations - each of which I think deserve their own post.

Kangaroo Island (I'm just gunna call KI) is small; a lot smaller than Tasmania which was the original adventure plan (luckily the ferries were fully booked) BUT KI is jam packed with things to do and crazy beautiful places to see. It is just 1-2 hours to drive from one side of the island to the other. The ferry only takes 45 minutes from Cape Jarvis, South Australia to Penneshaw, a very small town on the North-East coast of the island. There are plenty of lodges and holiday parks here if you fancied a rest day when you arrive, and it is one of two of the best places to stock up on water, food and fuel. Although I would highly recommend doing this prep (along with washing!) in Adelaide before you go; things tend to be cheaper in the city as they're easier to come by, and things are hard to find in rural Australia, especially on a tiny Island. This island is definitely one for adventure, don't go expecting fancy towns but do go to see amazing sights and beauties like Emu Bay Lavendar (and some lovely lodges if you do want a night of luxury). It is a completely unique island and that is what makes it so special. From an ocean thriving with life to a forest full of Koalas & Wallabies, to hidden coves with the *BEST* seafood, to the little saharah desert. KI has it all, even unique and incredible bees.


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