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Late x-mas shopping?

This is something I can help you with! Not only have I reopened my SwannAround shop on a new website I designed...


you can now get SwannAround Gift Cards!!!

Gift cards are a great way to gift money in a way that is more personal; knowing that the money will be spent on something that will be enjoyed for a long time, is eco-friendly and supports a small business like myself as well as supporting marine conservation!

This gift tells someone "this made me think of you" even if you can't choose which product ...or if you've left it a bit late - nobody will know!

Another great thing about this is that it will be sent by e-mail on the day that you choose it to! Or you can send it to yourself and print it out to put in a card to give to them!

Gift cards have the option to choose any value you like, so you can send them the value of a necklace so that they can choose which one they'd like OR you can send them a little something to go towards one.


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