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Hello! Did you see?! The SwannAround shop has been updated for all your Christmassy needs! If you came to the recent Christmas fair you might spot a few that have reappeared here. There is only ever one of each as every stone is never the same in colour, shape or size. Each design too differs as they fit snuggly around the beautiful, unique seaglass.

A unique gift for every person.

That's why I love making these by hand, we are all unique and should embrace that because it's what makes us beautiful. We all deserve to own unique pieces of wearable art that remind us of that.

I hope you like the new pendants, and remember to favourite the shop so that you get notified when I upload more!

I will always post here about shop updates too so if you're not yet one of my subscribers, please do subscribe below to keep up to date! Thank you for your support!


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